EFX Support Center

  • How does EFX Website works?

    EFX Website works to provide real time accurate resource information based on your everyday needs. We provide a listing of vehicles, services, rentals, real estates, community, pets, jobs, dating, entertainment and miscellaneous source at your finger tips.

  • What is FREE and what is not on EFX Website?

    We provide three basic free sections which is, 24/7 Free Classified Advertisements, Entertainment adverts and Free Open WIFI Hotspot locations island wide.

    What you paid for is corporate advertising such as web banners and other adverts which are place on pages specifically requested by you.

  • Is there any requirement before signing up?

    Simply register your profile data within our registration section, then choose a package that is perfect for you. Once complete your will be automatically logged in.

  • Is all my information in safe hands?

    Yes! You are required to read our terms and conditions and sign a agreement which once signed will give you access to our site to post adverts and use our site. All users will have an individual or business profile that other users can see but is limited to what is seen. All fields in registration should be filled in before registration can be submitted. Registration is absolutely FREE!

  • How do I use EFX to Advertise?

    Simply Click on the Register wording to the right hand top corner of the home screen and enter your information accurately. If any user does not accurately submit their information required, your account will be deleted immediately. This is to ensure the accuracy of our site.

  • How do I advertise my business adverts on EFX Corporate Advert spaces?

    Simply email your request to: ads@efx345.com and we will send you a advertisement specification sheet will all the graphic requirements and pricing. All adverts should be sent to the email address listed above to be uploaded to site. Ads will be uploaded and scheduled once payments are cleared.

  • How do I get more advertising exposure from EFX with my advert?

    Sign-up for our paid Exposure Feature where your advert be set to appear at the top of the main page advert listing every Hour, 30 Minutes, 15 Minutes or 10 Minutes. This feature is a paid feature. Once payment is cleared, your advert requested will be set to appear at the top of the front page listing base on your choice of timing. For maximum advert exposure you can pay for you extreme advert exposure package which is to have your adverts on all areas of our site 24/7.

  • Is EFX Advertising Packages affordable?

    Yes! Our goal is to provide not only a great service but to ensure that all users can affordable our services and features and utilized the features effectively.

  • Do I need to pay for anything else in the future with EFX?

    Yes! Our new mobile application (APP) will be a monthly fee of only $10 per month to use, this app will give you more resources at your finger tips and a highly advance level. EFX Mobile App consists of an advanced Human Resource, Rental, and Service System which provides an rating on all users.

  • How do I deactivate my Account?

    Simply email us a account termination request to info@efx345.com with a reason on why you choose to terminate your account. This is for our feedback and to better serve you.

  1. Always make sure your post is set in its correct category.
  2. Always make sure your post is correct before uploading it.
  3. Do not post the same post more than once
  4. Do not upload photo with watermarks.
  5. All adverts must be truthful and accurate.
  6. Don’t use your family or friends profile info to any post ad or ads. (If so, Your account will be terminated immediately for 3 months until further notice.)
  7. 7. Do not post any nudity, explicit or indecent ads that will offend other users. (If so your profile details and information will be given to the authorities to be handle immediately),
De-Activation and Termination Rules.

All users of EFX must abide by the rules of EFX. At no time should any user post any nudity, explicit language, disrespectful content on this site or to any other user. EFX knows who you are and will take all matters legally and seriously to protect our property and the respect of our users .